Kelsea’s Five Favorite Things

March 13 BlogMy goal over here at Different Path Events is always to combine the things I love into events that I plan, blogs that I write, or even the crafts I create!  To that end, each month, I’ll be bringing you a list of my five current favorite things!  Ready?  Go!

1.  Popcorn Seasonings from Spice Barn

I think that every event needs a popcorn bar, and it’s even better when you can customize what goes on it!  At home, I use a big pan, some oil, and popcorn kernels to make stovetop popcorn.  Honestly, it’s basically all I eat.

Spice Barn has both savory and sweet popcorn seasonings, as well as a ton of unique flavors.  When the weather turns cold and snowy the way it has been in Maine recently, I like to pretend I’m in the tropics with their Touch of Lime seasoning.  For those movie nights with my love, we usually reach for something sweeter, and the Maple Butter seasoning really hits that note, and feels close to home!

Protip:  Unique spices and seasonings, bought in bulk, and put into customized packages can make a great gift for guests at your wedding, while still staying affordable!

2.  Personalized tumblers and cups

I love anything that makes sense to me and no one else, so customized tumblers and cups are perfect for this!  I like to make my own so they’re perfect for me, but there are tons of places to order these online!

I encourage my couples to check out for bulk orders of personalized cups.  These also make great wedding favors!  My personal favorite to customize is the Jubilee cup.  It keeps cold stuff cold, warm stuff warm, has a lid and won’t break when you drop it!  Perfect for when you’re busting a move on the dance floor!

3.  Support Your Local Girl Gang lip balms by Soulshine Soap Co

Soulshine Soap Co is a Maine-based body products company that thinks getting clean should be as much fun as getting dirty.  I swear by their Support Your Local Girl Gang lip balms.  All the flavors are amazing, but my favorite is the Raspberry Rebellion.  The best thing about these lip balms?  25% of each sale is donated to Planned Parenthood, allowing you to feel even better about your purchase!

4.  Vitamin D

March is one of the worst months in Maine for seasonal affective disorder, which can partially be combatted with Vitamin D, which, lucky for us, comes from the sun!

In order to get plenty of Vitamin D and keep my body moving during the cold months, I set a goal of walking my dog, Zelda, at least one intentional mile a day.  We don’t make it out every single day,  but hitting that goal makes sure I’m outside for at least 20 minutes a day.  If you can work a walk into your lunch break or even just sit in the sun for a few minutes, it can be a great way to combat those winter blues.

5.  The Daily Grind in Westbrook, ME

Westbrook finally got an independent sit-down coffee shop, and I’ve basically claimed a seat at the window as my own spot.  The New Daily Grind is right on Main Street and has excellent coffee! Thankfully, I now have a great place to get some work done when I need a change of scenery and to meet with my clients!

What are you super into right now?  I’d love to hear about things I should know about!


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