Spring Wedding Dreams


They say that inspiration is everywhere.  No, I don’t know who ‘they’ are, but this time, they’re right.

I often find myself thinking random things, and then I get a flash of inspiration for a Pop Up Wedding!  In this case, I was thinking of my niece’s upcoming birthday at the end of April, and how she was visiting last year.  We went to Fessenden Park, that lovely spot near University of Southern Maine in Portland where, for about two weeks every spring, the gardens are absolutely brimming with tulips!  It got me thinking… how would I do a Pop Up Wedding there?

*insert tinkly dream world music here and come along with me to a Saturday morning in late April*

The sweet couple that has trusted me to plan their perfect dream spring wedding would arrive at the tulip garden at 8 am, their nearest and dearest joining us, everything tiny and totally intimate.  Upon arrival, they’d be given their own tulips, along with those standing with them. We’d use the natural aisle for the couple to walk down, escorted by those they love, to where I stand, ready to join their love in a ceremony written just for them.  Our photographer for the event captures the moments that are most important to them – their first kiss, the laughs exchanged as one of them stumbles over their words in excitement, and even the simultaneous tears and smiles of those standing with you, ushering you into the springtime of your marriage.

Immediately after, the newlyweds and their guests would have an amazing breakfast spread, including coffee from one of my personal favorites, Coffee by Design, and savory pastries from Beard nominated bakery, Standard Baking Co.  Depending on everyone’s preferences, we could serve Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s or even fresh squeezed orange juice and flavored seltzer. Dessert would be based on the couple’s favorites, but in this dream Maine wedding, we’d have a fun spread of doughnuts from Holy Donut!

We’d wrap up our morning by sending the love birds off to a night to themselves at an inn where they can breathe for a moment, before going back to the hustle and bustle of life on Monday.

*end twinkly dream music, as we come back to reality*

If this sounds like just the wedding you’d like to make happen this spring – or even next! – without much time or work, please give me a shout!  We can chat about what you dream of and I’ll find a creative way to make it happen affordably.

Also, I’m nominated for the 2018 Portland Pheonix’s Best Of Awards in the Wedding Services Category!  Thanks so much to whoever nominated for me, and if voting in these things is your thing, I’d be really touched if you voted for me.  Here’s how you can help:

  • Now, they’re taking nominees.  Go to the poll and click on Different Path Events.  You can do this once between now and April 3rd.
  • From April 4th through April 17th, you can vote for the nominees once a day!  Set a reminder on your phone and vote for Different Path Events under Wedding Services!
  • From April 18-29, the categories will be whittled down to the top six, and then the winners will be announced at the awards party on May 2, 2018.  During this time period, if I make it to the top six, you still need to vote every day!

I appreciate all the love and support I’m getting!

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