Kelsea’s Five Favorite Things: April Edition

Every month, I try to bring you five of my favorite things.  These could be wedding related, or not.  But they will always be real recommendations for things that I’m enjoying!

1. Quill Books & Beverage

quill books and beverageQuill Books & Beverage is right on Main Street in Westbrook, ME and just happens to be within walking distance of my house.  Since they opened just last month, they are quickly becoming my home away from home!  I bet, if you ever book a consult with me, I’ll probably suggest meeting at Quill, since they have everything you could want: great coffee, excellent food – my faves are The Farmhouse Sandwich and the berry bar – and beer and prosecco on tap!  I highly recommend popping in on Wednesday evenings for board game night, as well as checking out their calendar – they also host reading hour for kiddos, book groups, podcast groups, poetry readings and live music.

One of the owners of Quill, Alison, and I have been fantasizing about the Pop Up Wedding we’d love to have there.  Could it be yours?

2. Wolfe’s Neck State Park

Now that the weather is trying to get a bit warmer in Maine, the pups and I love to tromp through the woods and along the beach at Wolfe’s Neck State Park!  Located past the hustle and bustle of downtown Freeport, this is one of my favorite state parks.

Maine state parks run in my blood a bit – my grandma worked at Camden Hills State Park for most of my childhood – and I firmly believe in supporting them.  Each year, I invest in a Park Pass, which is so worth the money!  I’d also love to marry a couple standing on the shore, with that gorgeous fairy tale wood behind us!

3.  Podcasts!

For those of you who don’t know, I own two businesses, and my other biz is a podcast with my pal, Dan!  This means that while I’m working on all the stuff I have to do for Different Path Events, I’m usually listening to podcasts, too!  Recently, I’ve been checking out The Cult of Domesticity and Of Myth and Mercy.  They’re both really smart, but can get dark at times, so heads up.  Personally, I’m a huge fan of true crime and history, so you can never go wrong with these!

4. Sea Dogs Biscuits

Last week, I wrapped up the Sea Dogs Welcome Back Dinner for The Opportunity Alliance, which has led to a Sea Dogs Biscuit addiction around this house.  They’re made by Shain’s of Maine, so it’s eating local, which is totally healthy, right?!?

5. My Bullet Journal

IMG_1893Anyone who knows me has met my bullet journal.  If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, I highly suggest you go check out the board on my Pinterest!

I use mine to keep to-do lists, my weekly calendar, check off all the self-care stuff I have to do daily, and take notes from client meetings.  My whole life, in one place!  How convenient!

Just a reminder that I’m still in the running for the Portland Pheonix’s Best of… Wedding Services!  You can vote every day, and the top six in each category will move on to a final round, starting April 18th!  Quill Books & Beverage hs also been nominated in several categories, so be sure to vote for them, too!

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