Three Wedding Consultation Myths Debunked

As a wedding planner, I sometimes find that folks are hesitant to book a consultation with me, since they don’t what’s going to happen, or they think they need to know everything about what they want.  Today, I’m here to debunk some of those common misconceptions!

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1.  I have to show up to the consult knowing exactly what I want!

It’s totally okay to come to sit down with a wedding planner for a consult and have no idea what you’re doing, or what you want!

We understand that part of the wedding planning process is that your vision grows and changes, as things fall into place.   Sometimes, folks sit down with me with one idea in their head, and by the time they say, “I do”, the day looks totally different then they imagined, but still totally perfect.

It is helpful to have an idea of what you’re looking for in a wedding planner, though!  Do you need someone to DO everything, once you give the go ahead?   Are you fine managing everything until the month before the wedding and then handing the reins to someone else?  Or, do you want to just show up with your pals, knowing someone has executed your vision?  There’s a planner for all of that!

2.  If I have a consult with this wedding planner, I have to book with them!

No.  Nope.  No way!  You do not have to book with anyone you don’t want to.

As a wedding planner, I meet with lots of couples, but I don’t end up working with all of them.  Sometimes, that’s their decision.  Sometimes, it’s mine.

You want the right wedding planner for you, and you’ll know when you find them!  Similarly, I want to work on weddings for couples I adore!  Sometimes, the fit is perfect, and sometimes, you just gotta go try something else on.  Seriously, no offense.

However, if you do consult with a wedding planner or other professional and decide not to use their services, do me a favor?  Tell them!  I promise they’d rather just know that the answer is no, rather than keep you on their radar.  (It’ll save everyone involved at least a bunch of follow up emails, so there’s that!)

3. If I have a consult, I need to look positively ‘wedding-ish’.

Listen, your wedding planner is a person, too.  We understand long, hard days at work, kids who unexpectedly got sick, and flat tires.  We don’t expect anything from the first meeting with our clients, except to get to know the real them – the best, most fun weddings are authentic!  Sometimes, the real you has a hangover from one too many glasses of wine at dinner.  It’s cool.  It happens to us, too.

Just show up.  It doesn’t matter what you look like.  I’ve met with couples fresh out of work, who are so exhausted they can’t remember why they’re getting married when they show up – usually, a few minutes of good conversation brings them back!  I’ve met with couples who have little ones (and not so little ones) hanging around that they’re determined to make a part of their wedding.  The important thing is that you and your wedding planner click and think you can work together!

If you’re interested in booking a consult with me for your wedding, you can do so here!

Just a reminder that I’m a finalist for the Portland Pheonix’s Best of… Wedding Services award.  You can vote for me (and so many other awesome folks!) every day from now until April 30th!  Vote now!

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