Kelsea’s Five Favorite Things: May Edition

At some point each month, I bring you my five favorite things that month!  Often, they’re local recommendations or products I love, but sometimes they’re just things I’m doing to take care of myself!  Check out my favorite things this month.


1. Sweetie’s Ice Cream in Steep Falls, ME

Run by the coolest family I know, Sweetie’s Ice Cream in Steep Falls is a staple for my family!  We spend a lot of warmer month weekends making the trek to visit family in Vermont, and Sweetie’s just happens to be on our route! Of course, we always stop since I’m a confirmed ice cream addict.

Open only in the summer, Sweetie’s opened on May 5th!  Check them out at 1 Main Street in Steep Falls, ME (right on the corner of Route 113!).

While you’re there, check out the park across the street – it could be perfect for a Pop Up Wedding, ending in giant ice cream sundaes!

2.  The hammock in my backyard.

My backyard is my sanctuary in the warmer months, especially when my kiddo is having an episode of his chronic illness and getting anywhere else is impossible.  When that happens, I basically move my office into the hammock and work from there.  The dog chases squirrels, I can chat with the birds, and my son can be safely cared for.

3.  The Ceviche Tostada at Terlingua.

So, I have a little confession to make.  Despite being an event planner, I generally hate crowds.  My preferred way to spend time with folks is one on one, or maybe in small groups.

The night of the Portland Pheonix’s Best of Awards, I went to the awards ceremony.  I got all prettied up with a friend of mine, and we were determined to make the best of the crowd.  However, when I got there and realized I didn’t win (they had all the categories laid out because they were still organizing), I knew I couldn’t handle the crowd for long.  That’s when brilliance struck!

Right across the street, on Washington Avenue in Portland, stood Terlingua.  They do a mix of BBQ, tacos, and ceviches.  The smells coming from the building were magical and my friend date is a chef.  We quickly decided to ditch the awards show in favor of dinner and beers.

While we tried nearly everything on the menu, and the smoked meats were incredible, my favorite was the Ceviche Tostada.  The scallops were fresh and ‘cooked’ perfectly in the lime juice and vinegar.  There was a bit of heat, but it was perfectly balanced with some citrus and avocados and I was so into it, I barely shared with my friend!

Finally, a huge shout out to Jessica Candage – Glam Artist, who won the Best of Wedding Services category.  If you need makeup for your big day, she’s the one to call!

4.  Podcasts!

As I transition from working in an office environment to working for myself, I’ve been a bit lonely some days.  Usually, I take those moments to work in a coffee shop or have a friend over, but when that’s not possible, I’ve been really enjoying podcasts.

Disclaimer: my other business is a podcast!

As a person who also produces a podcast, I know how much work goes into it, so I try really hard to check out content made by folks just like me.  I’ve even found a few other Maine-based podcasts, which is so much fun!

My preferred genre of listening is true crime and anything creepy, but I do listen to a few others.  If you’re looking for an awesome podcast about music from some folks who really know their stuff, check out Rock Candy! If you’re into politics, I love Two Broads Talking Politics.  And, finally, if the creepier side of the world is what you love, but you also love to laugh, I suggest any of these fine folks: And That’s Why We Drink, Wine & Punishment, Strangeful Things, Cult of Domesticity, Of Myth and Mercy, and Wine and Crime!

5.  Yard sales!

It’s yard sale season in Maine!  Usually, this means an early morning, coffee in the carafe, and a nice drive.  When we find a yard sale, we pull over, a wad of ones in our pockets, and dig!

Sometimes, you can find some real gems & more often then not, I end up inspired to create some really cool event decor.  I’ve scored vintage luggage that has ended up being used as a card box at an event more than once.  Cake stands are plentiful, as folks find they often don’t have a use for them after that one time.  One of my favorite things to snag is vintage tea sets, no matter how many pieces – they look so cool mixed and matched at events, and can be used to hold way more than food!


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